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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  June 2, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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spotted nestled between the rocks. a man kayaking said around 1:30 he didn't see a body but as he was packing up he noticed something. >> i took line across on the feeder canal. and that was about the participation we had, watching the helicopter fly overhead for a while. rescue guys coming over and going out. >> reporter: we are here live along the c&o canal. it is where montgomery county meets the border of washington, d.c. along potomac river out here to my left. now we are told by authorities what they see is what possibly could be the body of the missing mother or daughter. authorities believe they may have traveled a long way. take a look at the map and see where the bodies may have come from. police say that it originated near difficult run here along the canal, originated up here near great falls road. now, here along angler's inn is where the bodies first went in, traveled here. this is where they believe the
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body traveled down. 7 1/2 miles until you end here, little falls dam, meets lock six. >> that was john schiffen reporting. it is illegal to swim in the potomac river gorge. a 14-mile stretch that runs from great falls to key bridge. local and federal official -- and federal officials launch ad renewed effort to remind people of the hazards the potomac river safety task force say the waters may look deceptively calm. the strong currents can sweep you away. if you do end up in the water, the task force says that you should try to float on your back with your feet in front of you until you reach a safer area. never try to swim against the current. >> several businesses, including a daycare, were evacuated this afternoon because of gas leak in prince george's county. officials tell us they have since capped the leak at a strip mall in the 3200 block here of
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brinkley road in oxon hill. authorities tell us a tractor trailer knocked an exterior gas meter off the wall. gas escaped both inside and outside the building. and as a precaution employees and about 40 children at the nearby daycare center were evacuated. no one was injured. early morning water main break continues to snarl traffic in northeast washington. it happened along new york avenue near montana avenue. right now three eastbound lanes on new york after remain closed to traffic. news4's elaine reyes joins us live with more. >> reporter: hey, jim. you know, new york avenue is always very busy. but right now, it is especially terrible. i can tell you it took us about 45 minutes to travel from north capitol down here to montana avenue. i don't know if you can hear all of the honks. just behind me here is where traffic is being rerouted from new york avenue on to montana avenue and back on to new york avenue. right now, work is still taking
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place. the goal is to have it all finished by tomorrow morning's rush hour. started as a water problem, turned into a major traffic problem. >> ten minutes. three-quarters of an hour. >> reporter: causing a headache. all day eastbound traffic on new york avenue from downtown to montana avenue has been at a crawl. around 3:00 this morning, a 70-year-old water main broke. it is the line that saw problem last year. >> one section that's definitely blown out that looks like we are going into a second. they are expanding excavation right now but, unfortunately, a lot of electric and gas utilities running in the excavation areas. we have to do a lot of hand digging which slow. >> reporter: the flow didn't prevent the fender bender from happening during our interview with wasa. >> i understand traffic is backed up downtown and we are working to get this done as
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quickly as possible. >> terrible. takes from -- from one block to another block about 20 minutes. >> everybody is frustrated. everybody is trying to find another way to get to the point where they are going which i did, you know. i tried finding another way. >> reporter: again, traffic still very, very slow. we can tell you that the replacement pipe is here on the scene. they are still working to clear that area to even put it in the ground the plan is to work through the night and again to make sure they have the stretch of new york avenue at montana avenue open for tomorrow morning's rush hour. back to you, jim. >> what a mess. all right. elaine reyes. more on the traffic picture. impact of that closed artery and the rest of it from ashley lindher in the news4 traffic network. >> good afternoon. delays continue to stack up on new york avenue. it is jammed solid from k street headed over towards west virginia, montana and there's not necessarily much relief after that interchange.
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you still have volume as you approach bladensburg road because the lights there are short timing. elsewhere around the region taking the capital way, problems to report by university boulevard. as we continue our commute around the capital beltway we do have some congestion to talk about, as you can see, inner loop very, very slow. as you make the approach towards silver spring. no accidents to report on the approach to silver spring. just plain heavy this afternoon. >> ashley, thank you. it is also slow going for rail passengers. csx issued heat orders for the traffic until 7:00 tonight. >> is on delays from 10 to 15 minutes. meteorologist veronica johnson is live in the storm center now with more on this hot weather. back up to 91 on the scene there. >> yes. up around 90 and lot of the neighborhoods today, jim and pat. this high heat that we have got going across the area as we move through first part of summer, first code orange day.
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until 9:00 p.m. this evening. today's high temperatures interacting with the air pollution and emissions making for unhealthy air for sensitive groups. so how -- high is it across the area? as i said, close to 90. most neighborhoods this afternoon. we are at 88, columbia heights and around shaw. 86 now in prince george's county. oxon hill is 87 degrees. just to the south in la plata, oakton, 87 degrees. cooler near the water. annapolis at 84. 85 degrees down to the south there around calvert, st. mary's. while it hasn't come out yet i think within the next couple of minutes we should have the forecast for tomorrow. it is quite likely we will have another code orange day tomorrow. just look at what is west of us. 87, the heat index. cincinnati, 90 in atlanta. and -- the heat driving out ahead of the next weather front. temperatures during the overnight period will be cooling down to 77. humidity relatively low. it is a rapid warmup for
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tomorrow once again. your fast forecast we expect some -- the breaking storms tomorrow to come during the afternoo but with that comes the potential of severe weather. again, the details the coming up. you will see it is going to be an active weather pattern the next couple of days. >> thanks, veronica. fifth suspect charged in a packed robbery beating that was caught on surveillance cameras. montgomery county police arrested 23-year-old zora and charged him with first-degree assault, robbery and resisting arrest. the robbery happened last month. police say the victim was surrounded by a group of five men who beat him. then stole his cell phone. the company that reviews the surveillance video reported the crime to police. he is being held on $250,000 bond. d.c. teachers overwhelmingly agreed to a new contract today. it is a big one. 1400 teachers voted for it and only 400 against it. the contract includes more than
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20% salary hike over five years. as well as an 11% retroactive payment for the last two school years. there's also a voluntary provision for pay based on performance. d.c. city council still needs to agree to the contract before it goes into effect. risky effort to contain the oil spill in the gulf of mexico hit another snag today. the robotic saw that crews were using to cut and cap the gusher got stuck in the thick pipe this morning. crews are now trying to free that saw. federal officials say cleanup costs for the cat involve jik spill topped $123 million. there was also word today an oil sheen has been spotted near beaches along the florida panhandle for the very first time. sheen was spotted about seven miles south of the famous white hands of pensacola beach. at a news conference florida's governor promised residents authorities are doing everything they can to protect the state's shoreline. our state resources have
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determined that the oil sheen with it are thousands of tar balls. skimmers have been deployed near pensacola. the goal is to remove that oil from near shore waters. prevent and minimize any potential impact to our state. >> meanwhile, federal wrregulats approved the new oil well in the gulf of mexico since the ban on drilling in shallow waters expired last week. the new rig will be located 50 miles off the coast of louisiana. a ban on deep water projects remains in effect. we are following another developing story for you this evening. the main suspect in the does appearance of teenager natalee holloway is now suspected of killing another young woman. holloway disappeared, you will recall in aruba in 2005. craig melvin is in the newsroom with the latest on this developing story. craig? >> reporter: police in peru are now looking for joran van der sloot tonight. joran van der sloot, of course, the same dutch man once considered the primary suspect in the 2005 disappearance of
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alabama teenager natalee holloway. a woman named stephanie flores was found stabbed to death in a lima hotel room today. early this morning. at a news conference a few hours ago investigators said evans linked joran van der sloot to that killing. the hotel room where the woman was found was registered in van der sloot's name. they believe the two had been going out oar the past few days. eyewitnesses say they saw the pair go into the show testimony room together around 5:00 a.m. sunday. police say that they also had the video of the two of they together a at a casino in lima, peru. few hours ago immigration officials say van der sloot left peru sunday and suspect he may be in chile. in 2005 natalee holloway disappeared in aruba. she was last seen leaving a bar with van der sloot. van der sloot has been detained several times but never has been charged with anything. of course, you can count on
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news4 to bring you more of the developing story as soon as new information becomes you a available. jim, back to you. >> craig melvin. craig, thank you. the latest now on the fallout over israel's botched raid on a flotilla headed for gaza. today britain's new prime minister david cameron took a tough stand during a prime minister's questions of the house of commons. he said the raid was unacceptable. he added that he had stressed to israeli prime minist steister b netanyahu everything must be done to make sure it does not happen again. israeli officials comed to insist their forces fired only in self-defense while many activists dispute that contention. tensions between israeli, arab and jewish parliament, parliament spilled over. the woman at the podium was one of the ships in the flotilla. she is an israeli arab.
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she was heckled at first and then parliament members physically tried to remove her from the podium. security officials ended up removing at least four parliament members from that session. "news4 at 5:00" is just getting starred. coming up, a woman that rented a room in a house where a d.c. attorney was found dead takes the stand today to tell what she saw. >> federal official announce new rules for compensating passengers bumped off their flights. >> why the morning or afternoon cup of joe may not be the real pick me up you think it is. we are coming right back.
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president obama spent his day pushing nice energy plan in pittsburgh. he said the nation's dependence on fossil fuel threatens our security and puts our economy and our environment at risk. he noted the gulf oil spill underlines that risk and he said it is time once and for all for the nation to embrace a clean energy future. mr. obama does not yet have the votes in the senate for his crean energy bill but vowed today that he would find them. there are some strong indicators that our economy is -- health is doing better today. hampton pearson joins from us cnbc's washington bureau with more on markets, auto salgs and a lot more. >> what difference a day makes. we look at the markets and key sectors beating up yesterday. energy and commodities. financials and industrial players. all rebounding today. we ended the day with the dow up 225 points.
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nasdaq is more than 58 points. s&p 50027 k 27 points. third largest one-day consolidated gain for the year. lot of it fueled by good news on the economy. starting with the big three automakers. ford, general motors and chrysler saw double digit jumps. increased gm sales, 17%. forward sales rose 22% from a year earlier. chrysler's sales are up an astounding 33%. we also started a day with good news about housing. in april, the pending home sales index rose 6% from march and it is up 22.4% from a year ago. this based on contract size. that was the last chance for buyers to get in on the home buyer tax credit and regionally the index jumped 30% in the northeast. about 4.1% in the midwest and it fell slightly in the south and was up 7.5% in the west. but here's the other side of
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let's call it the real estate reality check. mortgage applications, purchasing a home, dropped 4% last week. fourth straight week of decline. all right after that april 30th tax credit. and expired. now all eyes on wall street and main street will be on friday's jobs report. looking for a big increase there. we did hear president obama say earlier today that the economy is improving but it is not yet time to put the brakes on all those stimulus measures. pat? >> all right. hampton pearson. thanks, hampton. we now know how much money passengers can get if an airline bumps from someone from a flight because it is overbooked. the obama administration announced today passengers could get as much as $1300. right now airlines must pay you up to $800. another change airlines would not be allowed to increase the cost of a ticket after it is bought. passengers would have 24 hours to cancel reservations without a penalty. airlines would also have to give passengers timely notice of
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plight status changes and if your bags are not there when you show up at the airport, airlines will have to refund the expense and the cost of the bags. the transportation secretary says the changes should start this fall. we have had some nice weather today. there's changes come. >> yes. changes with thunderstorms. here we are in first of june. we know it has been hot. now we are going to move into the stormy pattern, jim and pat. and you know what, for the -- months that average the day was the highest number of thunderstorms are june and july. six for each one. and wait until you see the seven-day forecast because we have about six of them loaded up in our seven-day forecast. 88 is the temperature right now. reagan national airport, the dew point temperature is 62 degrees. where it has been fairly comfortable today. relative humidity at 42%. our wind is out of the south at 12 miles per hour. southerlily wind. out of the southwest, too.
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88 in hagerstown. cooler at 82 degrees. pittsburgh, pennsylvania, 74 degrees. with some cooling showers and definitely storms that have come through. our dew point temperature down five to ten degrees compared to yesterday. running now again at 62 degrees. step out of the way and you can see we are in the slightly humid range. tomorrow section 65 to 69. it will be sticky back across the area. and with storms coming in, lots of juice, getting downpours. pittsburgh down towards bradford, the west virginia line, columbus, ohio, severe thunderstorm watch. until 8:00 p.m. and then we have the potential for severe weather here. down to the south richmond and overing to roanoke and including lynchburg, eastern west virginia and through just about all of central and eastern pennsylvania tomorrow. new jersey and new york and when we could see damaging winds and some high winds and there's the potential for hail as the warm air undercuts the cooler air and downpours and lightning. but at least for the overnight early tomorrow morning, high pressure will be hanging on. first thing tomorrow morning, so
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i think mostly sunny skies. and then clouds will be on the increase as this front now through ohio, down through texas, it is a long one with showers loaded up through the south ahead of the front. quickly makes its way to the east. our pattern here for the next couple of days, again, active pattern where our jet stream is more zonal pattern. there's not big dips or dives or rise was it but more zonal west to east. weather systems form and they zip along fairly quickly. so we have a chance for showers and storm about every couple of days. certainly hot through saturday, too. 83, cincinnati. look at the high heat. 94 in dallas, texas, right now. so again, through saturday, some pretty high heat for us, afternoon temperatures running close to 90 degrees. any time after 2:00 tomorrow you can see on the futurecast chance for showers and definitely thunderstorms. i think up until about ten cloak p. mfshg tomorrow. friday, still some showers and thunderstorms just not quite as high friday as when we will see tomorrow. warm evening. temperatures drop off from 87 to
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80 degrees over the next few hours. warm evening but clear skies nice evening for us sitting out. mild start to your day tomorrow. and can you believe tomorrow, guys, already thursday? >> maybe with the monday being a holiday. >> that will do it. >> exactly. more showers and storms for the weekend. only slight chance. >> all right. thanks, veronica. we have a whole lot more to cover on "news4 at 5:00." still ahead controversy over efforts to attract a costc onto one area of montgomery county. >> when the cost of taking care of your ill pet makes you sick. >> young girls watch a free concert by the joan us brothers. here is your chance to sendthe kids to summer camp. news4 is trying to make the experience a real for special needs children who might otherwise not get a chance to go to camp. you can make a donation by visiting our website,
5:22 pm and searching camp. or you can mail a check to the station, address it to camp 4 kids in care of news4, 4001 nebraska avenue northwest, washington, d.c., 20016.
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♪ that's one of music's hottest bands -- the jonas brothers -- performing a free early morning concert at the warner theater in downtown washington. guys hit the stage at 7:00 this morning. fans, most of them young girls, pretty much yelled throughout the whole concert. while the tickets were free the sit was first come first serve. fans were willing to line up well before dawn to be zpron center. >> i had never been to a jonas brothers concert before. this is the first time. i'm excite. >> i think they are great. they have really good morals. they are very nice to their fans. and they are just good guys to follow. >> reporter: you didn't mind getting up this early? >> no. i would stay here for like a week. >> reporter: fans also lined up yesterday to pick up their tickets for today's concert.
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in "news 4 your health," the cup of joe may not wake you up like you think ditz. coffee drinkers develop a tolerance to caffeine over time and the stimulation felt after drinking a cup may be all in the mind. instead researchers say people may be returning to their normal state of alertness. the study also concludes to avoid the effects of caffeine withdrawal things like headaches, people should stick with coffee or keep off it altogether. scientists in japan believe they may have made a breakthrough in the fight against cancer. they are discovering a way to create a large number of natural killer t-cells from stem cells. the cells have been shown to protect against tumors and virus infected cells. scientists hope by boosting the number of patients' natural killer t-cells can avoid traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.
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when "news4 at 5:00" continues, a d.c. ten april, one that lived in the house where a lawyer was found murdered had to say about the case as she took the stand today. d.c.'s mayor helped unveil the first phase of a major development project in southwest. and the undercover operation that helped federal agents make the largest explosive bust in recent memory in the city.
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our top story this half hour, more controversial testimony today in the trial of three men accused of covering up the death of robert wone. this one comes from the woman who describes herself as part of the family. news4's pat collins joins us now with the latest from d.c. superior court. pat? >> reporter: she was called by the prosecution. by the time she got finished talking she seemed more like a defense witness. sarah morgan said she felt like she was a member of the swan street family. more revelations about swan street house mate joe price and his police interrogation on the night robert wone was murdered. in supreme court on the stand,
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sarah morgan. she rented an apartment in that house on swan street. she said she considered herself part of the swan street family. she went to italy with the guys who lived there. she cooked with them. she watched tv with them. she socialized with them. morgan wasn't in the house the night robert wone was murdered. but she said she went to console joe price after he was questioned by police. morgan says price was upset because police accused him of trying to gay robert up. police believed price was trying to have sex with robert and that's why he killed him. police called victor zaborsky, price's wife. joe price. victor zaborsky, dylan ward. the three swan street house mates charged with trying to cover up the murder of robert wone. mr. wone found stabbed to death
5:32 pm
in the guest room of that home back in august 2006. no one has been charged in the murder. the house mates say that an intruder came in an unlocked door in the back, took a knife in the kitchen and then killed mr. wone. sarah morgan said the three men had a habit of leaving doors open. that concerned her, she said, because she said that there was a lot of crime in the neighborhood. sarah morgan says she's known victor zaborsky about 16 years. he confided in her. she says that there's no way that he could have done something like this. pat, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. a story you saw first on 4. federal agents have seized dozens of extremely powerful and phonily dangerous fireworks from a northeast washington home today. authorities raided an apartment belonging to la quinn williams. after an undercover agent bought
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guns from williams. that's when agents found the fireworks inside the apartment. authorities tell us the fireworks are dangerous enough to be licensed as explosives and powerful enough to destroy his apartment. williams is in custody and facing federal charges now. after years of redevelopment, the first park of d.c.'s new waterfront in southwest are complete. mayor fenty and several community leaders were there for the grand reopening. the project replaces the old watershed mall with more than a million square feet of mixed use development. it includes new office space, room for shops and restaurants, and 1600 new residential units. the mayor says that the new waterfront is more transportation friendly. he says this project is just one part of the city's overall plan for revitalization. and getting ready for big changes tonight along the outer loop of the beltway in tysons corner. starting at 9:30 all four southbound lanes will shift temporarily on to a new bridge
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over route 123. chain bridge road. and after crossing the bridge, motorists shift back to the beltway. lane change will last until 5:00 tomorrow morning. it is all part of work connected to the beltway hot lanes project. there's a controversy brewing tonight over costco's plans to build a new store in wheaton. montgomery county officials are trying to clear the way for the mega-store in order to spur economic development. costco plans to build a gas station and as news4's chris gordon reports nearby residents aren't happy about it. >> reporter: neighbors who live near westfield shopping town wheaton have been putting up with traffic for years now. and now they are worried about air pollution and noise right in their backyards. montgomery county officials are putting a top economic priority on clearing the way for the new costco. like the ones located in frederick and prince george's counties. here in beltsville, maryland,
5:35 pm
costco sells gas to its customers on its premises. there are four lanes feeding 16 fuel pumps. there is, however, no gas station at the costco in gaithersburg because there wasn't enough land to build one. but there is plenty of room at westfield shopping town wheaton. where costco plans to build on the location of the hold hecht's store that has been vacant since 2006. and put its gas station in the parking lot. with just 50 yards away, there are homes in the kensington heights community that are displaying their opposition to costco gas. >> against them because it is going to bring that many more people in here and there are concerns about the residue and air pollution and stuff like that coming from it. >> reporter: it is not just homeowners who object. the 375 families that are members of the kenmont swimming club are fuming over the fumes. >> the 16 pumps through the gas
5:36 pm
station going to, according to costco's figures, going sell approximately 10 million gallons of gas a year. that's a lot of gas. a lot of cars lining up. this is based on costco's figures. >> how far from the pool? >> 120 yards. right over there. >> reporter: residents say they wouldn't object to costco at wheaton mall if its gas pumps could be built on busy road but there are already 14 gas stations in that area. and steve silverman, montgomery county's economic develop many chief, says that costco's motto is to build its stores and gas stations right next to each other. >> the county executive wants to create a balance between the need for jobs and this economy and community protections and we are confident that we can work with the community to reach that goal. >> reporter: silverman says the last 95 costco stores nationw e nationwide.
5:37 pm
93 have gas stations. montgomery county is concerned that opposition to the pumps could cost montgomery county the costco plan for wheaton. pat, jim, back to you. >> all right. chris gordon. chris, thank you. coming up, alexandria businesswomen band together to generate buzz about their businesses. >> russia begins a 520-day mission to mars but with a twist. few clouds today and some very high temperatures. close to 90 degrees. under a code orange for air quality until 9:00 p.m. as far as the air temperature goes, it is 88 degrees right now. we will drop to 80 degrees by 9:00 p.m. a warm evening for us and a very mild start to the day tomorrow. we will be starting out at 72 and temperatures will quickly rise to near 90. expect afternoon storms tomorrow, evening storms, too, with high winds and heavy rain coming our way. 91 with a slight risk of more storms friday. we will have much more coming up when "news4 at 5:00" returns.
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six researchers in russia are preparing for a mission to mars. a manned mission is still decades away. they are taking part in a simulated mission. the round trip to mars would take approximately a year and half. the would-be astronauts plan to spend 50 days in a windowless module. all-male crew will not encounter weightlessness but beginning tomorrow, they will endure the spartan conditions of a mock spaceship and they will follow a
5:41 pm
harsh regimen of experiments and exercise. the main goal of the experiment is to study the effects of long isolation. so at a role states crew space crew of the station can deal better with stress and fatigue. instead of featuring a child tonight on "wednesday's child," we want to tell you about a whole family. the members of there to support each other. most of the kids in this family are hoping to be adopted one day and although some have been adopted already, they still would like to come back for a visit. barbara harrison has their story. >> reporter: it was a real family gathering. mood in the kitchen and football out on the lawn. it is called fairfax family for kids. because it is a family of mentors and kids in relationships they can count on. >> our whole focus is permanency. especially for teenagers in foster care. >> reporter: the mentors and kids get together once or twice a month for group events. one of those teens that became
5:42 pm
part of the family several years ago is roosevelt. he is 17 now. he was actually a wednesday's child a few years back. we learned then that he loved basketball and then he really wanted a permanent loving family. while he waited, he was lucky to have his fairfax family. >> roosevelt, you know, he's quiet. put him on the basketball court he's all alive. >> lot of times what's required is sitting there and, you know, showing ain't. >> they got me through stuff. hi problems. group homes and stuff. they helped me a lot. >> reporter: the mentors are all committed to giving the kids some sense of stability. >> they don't just have one mentor. they have a family of mentors. >> this program really provides something that most of these children don't have. >> i have a family in my own -- three small girls. when i have the opportunity i probably spend a couple of hours a month working with the kids i
5:43 pm
mentor. >> reporter: the photographer who took all of these photos of fairfax foster kids is also part of the family. joan brady volunteers, taking pictures of the kids at events throughout the year. >> tons of pictures of our childhood. children in foster care don't have pictures of their childhood. but the children who are part of fairfax family for kids do. >> reporter: joan hosted this pear and was especially happy to see roosevelt who came all the way from his new adopted home to be here with his other family. fairfax families for ki. barbara harrison, news4, for "wednesday's child." >> if have you room in your home, your heart, for one of our "wednesday's children," call our special hotline. 1-8-to-adopt-me or logon to our homepage, that's a great program. >> a wonderful story. still ahead, at&t makes changes that may result in lower prices for many customers. >> tonight options for pet
5:44 pm
owners. when the cost of taking care of an ill pet is making you sick. >> and in sports, veteran wide receiver could be a big help to donovan mcnabb and washington. [ male announcer ] looking for a price that starts low
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and stays low? look no further than fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet and phone -- guaranteed for two years! that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. you'll also get the fios movie package -- over 60 premium movie channels, including 18 in hd and starz and showtime free for six months. call 1-888-get-fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2 year agreement, a price guaranteed for 2 years. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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most pet owners would do anything for their furry friends. but what happens when your pet gets really sick? how far would you go to save it? >> good girl. >> reporter: inside the cardiology clinic at the animal hospital -- 6 year old twiggy gets ready for heart surgery. >> what do you think? >> if untreated the worry she
5:47 pm
may go into rye-sided heart failure. >> reporter: in order to save her life, twiggy ownerses forks for the good man there is no other option. >> she everything to me. dog is part of our family. >> this will go into her jugular vein. >> reporter: the procedure entailings waving a small balloon inside the collapsing valve. expanding it to help the blood flow freely but free is far from what this procedure is. >> it is perfect. >> reporter: when all is said and done, the good man thfamily $6,000 to save twiggy and admits they would sell a lot more. >> i would sell the house. eat raman the next five years, whatever it took. >> parallel to human side completely. >> many problems 20 years ago would have men putting down your pet can now be fixed. >> pacemaker. >> reporter: but at a hefty price. >> thousands of dollars.
5:48 pm
anywhere from a couple thousand to tens of thousands. >> reporter: which raise it is question -- if you can save your pet's life how much would you or should you spend? >> people do have limitations. >> reporter: founder of the pet law support program in portland. these days she counsels not only grief issues but also feelings of guilt. >> they weren't able to do everything that was medically possible because they had financial limitations. >> reporter: where should pet owners draw the line? she says in addition to considering your finances, you should also consider your pet's quality of life. are you extending it for your own benefit or theirs? she says if you can't afford a multithousand dollar surgery look at all the options and do the best you can and feel good that you tried. in twiggy's case the efforts are paying off. with the surgery a success the goodmans vow to keep her alive.
5:49 pm
>> whatever it takes, whatever she needs. at&t is going to unveil a new iphone and a plan that will limit data usage. the sole carrier is introducing two new data plans starting june 7th. at&t will replace the $30 per month plan that allows unlimited data usage. the new $25 plan will offer two gigabytes of data each month. additional gigabytes will cost you ten bucks each. the plan also applies to the ipad and at&t says the new plan will likely save customers money while clearing congestion on their network. washington gets a little help, dan? >> yes. well, they are hoping so. they have invested not necessarily a lot of money but a lot of time in older gentleman who they are hoping will help their football team this year. >> fingers cross. >> yes. well, a lot of fingers crossed. redskins back on the field for another offseason workout. one of the guys that continues to impress is joey galloway.
5:50 pm
who makes spectacular catch after spectacular catch. the 38-year-old receiver might be the fastest player on the roster. the redskins are hoping he can provide a boost in the receiving core. lindsay czarniak has more from redskins park. >> reporter: out here at redskins park, wide receiver joey galloway easily is becoming the most recognizable player. not because at 38 he is the oldest player on the roster but because of the do-rag he sporting each and every day. my first question for you is what's up with the do-rag? is it something that started in '95 when you came in or what? >> this is something evolved over time. something to keep the sweat out of my eyes when it is hot. so i would say in dallas it began, you know, began in seattle, raining every day and had a problem. got to dallas and the heat and keeps the sweat out of my eyes. >> reporter: i was watching you on the sidelines and you made a beautiful catch with some guys going god, he slyke a fine wine. how are you feeling now a couple of weeks out here? >> i'm tired.
5:51 pm
i'm soar. i need a nap and i'm hungry. but -- as far as practice goes, i feel pretty good. you know, this heat makes me feel better when you get a little up in years in this league. you know, the heat helps you warm up. so for me, when i come out here and it is 85 and thank goodness because it is automatically helping me warm up. i feel good. >> reporter: you are the one that said it, 38 years old. >> see, why do you have to say that? did i say the number? >> reporter: no. i'm trying to give my viewers perspective. 16th nfl season. >> there you go. >> reporter: i saw you walk out with donovan mcnabb. you do you feel the veteran experience both of you share helps you guys gel together quickly? >> definitely. i think that, you know, experience in this league, when you see a lot of things, you can relay those things. when i come back and talk to him and tell him what i have seen and he will tell me what he thought and was looking at and we can talk through those things an equal level. i'm a year or two maybe ahead of him in years in the league. he has been around a long time.
5:52 pm
>> how successful do you feel you can be at filling the leadership void in any on the field void if, in fact, it does come out santana ends up being suspended for any games? >> i don't know. i don't know that that's something you plan for. i think that -- each and every day i come out and try on get better and try to lead by example. i'm new here and learning the ropes like everybody else that's new here. so as far as the leadership thing goes, as far as santana goes, that will work itself out and, you know, and -- you know, when i had a chance to come here playing with santana was one of the things that wasation trackive about coming here. so i'm looking forward to when i can line up with him. >> little bird told me that you are trying to set up to take batting practice with the nationals. tell me about that. >> i took batting practice with the tampa bay rays when i was down there and i could only get it to the warn track. so -- before my pro-sports life ends, my goal is to hit one out of the park. >> reporter: i heard you were trying to schedule it for
5:53 pm
tuesday, june 8 which happens to be the biggest day at nationals franchise history with stephen strasburg coming in. playing your home team team, pirates. >> yeah. trying to get them to hold off strasburg. after speaking to him we got to bring him up. >> reporter: lindsay czarniak, news4 sports. >> you can see the gray in the stubble. football player, 38 is pretty old. i was lucky enough to cover joey galloway in tampa. and he still has the same type of wheel. i have seen him out there at redskins park. he has -- doesn't last as long but still has the same wheels. he is like darryl green in he's always going to have that speed. remember how special darryl green was when he played? >> few more tricks up his sleeve. >> yes. thank you, dan. more to come tonight. up next, an 11-year-old goes from twirling sticks and knives to fire. >> don't try that in your front
5:54 pm
yard. a group of alexandria businesswoman ban together to generate buzz about their businesses. do you know what's in your spread ?
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5:56 pm
in land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil, there are just three natural ingredients. delicious sweet cream, canola oil and salt. nothing hidden, nothing artificial. spread pure, natural goodness straight from the fridge. discover land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil. land o' lakes, where simple goodness begins. this 11-year-old in florida is making quite a name for himself. preston webber performs while twirling flaming knives. it is a competitive art form
5:57 pm
known as somoan fire dancing. after just one year of doing it preston has become the world champ in his age group. white might be even more impressive than his skills is the fact preston taught himself how to do this. after watching you zs tube videos of other fire dancers, it is very dangerous, though, and preston has some scars to prove it. bet he does. >> wow. over the years, farmers markets have surged in popularity, we know. community support locally grown food. now a group of alexandria businesswomen is hoping they can generate the same kind of buzz for locally owned boutiques. it is called shop local alexandria. and as jane watrel found out they are inviting anyone with an internet connection to join the movement. boutique is thriving. founded three years ago its numbers have nearly doubled from 15 to 28 independently owned shops. but not all has been smooth sailing. >> one of the biggest battles is
5:58 pm
people don't know about us. locally owned stores, hard to get our name out there like the other larger stores. >> reporter: to compete for shoppers' attention shoe shop owner elizabeth and others are pushing a different marketing strategy. >> members of the boutique district have issued a challenge to alexandria residents. asking them to shop the local independent stores. and they have added a digital twist. >> i wear flats. >> reporter: meet katherine martin, personal shopper, blogger and locals are dentd who has been enlisted by boutique owners to blog about their shop local campaign. start thing week martin and two other bloggers will chronicle their old town shopping encounters online. >> i'm going to blog about anything that kind of inspires me and my day which is how i have always done it as a personal shopper. i'm going to blog about the fashions i'm seeing when i'm in the stores and blog about, you know, a great piece of artwork in one of the local galleries. >> reporter: store owners are excited about the shop local challenge and the digital buzz that might come along with it.
5:59 pm
they say that studies show every dollar that's spent locally has three times the impact compared to money spent at a national chain. >> we support it. they support their community and getting their ingredients locally. you are not supporting us. you are supporting three of your neighbors. >> reporter: neighbors that bloggers hope will join the online conversation. >> i want and encourage people to make comments and kind of open up the discussion. and also really to let me know and other people know what they are find when they are out there. >> reporter: the shop local campaign will run for three months. in alexandria, jane watrel, news4. >> good idea. coming up next, stepback in efforts to cap the gushing oil well. >> jim vance and doreen gentzler are next with "news4 at 6:00."


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